Galaxy S8 – My Review

Carphone Warehouse – thank you! – have selected me as one of their guinea pigs to test out the Galaxy S8. I have an old, clunky Galaxy S6 Plus so I was very grateful. In other words, they were sufficiently thoughtful to loan me the Samsung Galaxy S8+ for a month alongside a months information, calls and content stipend. For one thing, I’ll let you realise that I have had an iPhone as far back as the iPhone 3G turned out 9 years prior and some would state I’m a touch of an Apple nerd!

Be that as it may, now and again you must take a stab at something new! This survey depends on my standard utilisation of a mobile phone as a parent and a blogger. It would be ideal if you note that my examinations are against utilising my multi year old iPhone 6S+ I think I became hopelessly enamored with the plan of the telephone straight away – it was so gleaming, smooth, just looked and felt incredible!

It has a marginally extraordinary charger from past models which implies you just have the charger that accompanies the telephone and not the numerous different links you have around the house.

The expandable memory is an or more for me as my iPhone is at present the 128GB form so I adore the way that there is the standard 64GB model of the Samsung S8+ which you would then be able to help the memory with a smaller scale SD card as I probably am aware many individuals battle with telephone memory. All the typical applications you would hope to be accessible, for example, Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, are in the Play Store prepared for you to download.

By the way check out these cool Wonder Woman covers/skins for this phone – ME WANT!

Apps, and more apps!

Searching for the greater part of the applications which I use all the time and the two I couldn’t discover were Canva and Tweetbot. There are a lot of Twitter applications accessible, anyway I couldn’t discover one that kept my perusing place in my channel and records very like Tweetbot – it may be the case that I simply hadn’t discovered the correct one!

The Google Photos application is immaculate to use on this telephone for support up your photographs and recordings. You can set this to back up out of sight so your photographs and recordings are upheld up straight away.

The battery life endured throughout the day, even with heavier use than ordinary amid the time I was off work – something I battle with on my iPhone when I normally need to convey a battery pack in the event of some unforeseen issue!

Photographic Quality

For me, as a parent and a blogger, photograph quality is a significant factor with regards to picking a telephone. You need to catch those valuable minutes in the most ideal quality for thinking back on in years to come.

To summarise, I would give the Galaxy S8 a 9.6 out of 10. It is much more affordable now to buy on contract as well. So thank you for lending it to me – I don’t want to send it back. Will I be arrested if I keep it?! 😉

Top 10 Stars Who’ve Slowly Turned To Horrible Looking Creatures

Everyone knows that people get old but it’s hard to find photos of these celebrities as they are no longer famous and probably doing normal things like cooking and writing about their mundane lives on blogs. Well I have been digging and found some of the most hideous examples and why you should never have plastic surgery on anywhere except your breasts.

Arianna Grande the little girl from Jurassic Park. I think it’s just a bad photo…
Matilda girl aka Mara Wilson.
This one’s a bit more obscure it’s Joey Cramer from Flight of the Navigator , eighties cheesy movie fame. He is out of jail (20 years for murder) and starting a new life in rural Canada but i won’t link to any more information as he doesn’t want to be famous or followed.
The brat sister from Home Alone.
Goldie Hawn the Hollywood starlet. She has aged in reality by 13 years between when these photos were taken but in Hollywood Years that’s clearly 50 years. Cocaine – just say no.
Erik Per Sullivan from Malcolm In The Middle fame, after a long period of no news or updates, he eventually put his head above the parapet and it appears he has morphed into a gender-neutral SJW.

So what do you think? Celebrities certainly do age like the rest of us, and these examples are the worst.