Top 10 Stars Who’ve Slowly Turned To Horrible Looking Creatures

Everyone knows that people get old but it’s hard to find photos of these celebrities as they are no longer famous and probably doing normal things like cooking and writing about their mundane lives on blogs. Well I have been digging and found some of the most hideous examples and why you should never have plastic surgery on anywhere except your breasts.

Arianna Grande the little girl from Jurassic Park. I think it’s just a bad photo…
Matilda girl aka Mara Wilson.
This one’s a bit more obscure it’s Joey Cramer from Flight of the Navigator , eighties cheesy movie fame. He is out of jail (20 years for murder) and starting a new life in rural Canada but i won’t link to any more information as he doesn’t want to be famous or followed.
The brat sister from Home Alone.
Goldie Hawn the Hollywood starlet. She has aged in reality by 13 years between when these photos were taken but in Hollywood Years that’s clearly 50 years. Cocaine – just say no.
Erik Per Sullivan from Malcolm In The Middle fame, after a long period of no news or updates, he eventually put his head above the parapet and it appears he has morphed into a gender-neutral SJW.

So what do you think? Celebrities certainly do age like the rest of us, and these examples are the worst.

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