Top 10 Stars Who’ve Slowly Turned To Horrible Looking Creatures

Everyone knows that people get old but it’s hard to find photos of these celebrities as they are no longer famous and probably doing normal things like cooking and writing about their mundane lives on blogs. Well I have been digging and found some of the most hideous examples and why you should never have plastic surgery on anywhere except your breasts.

Arianna Grande the little girl from Jurassic Park. I think it’s just a bad photo…
Matilda girl aka Mara Wilson.
This one’s a bit more obscure it’s Joey Cramer from Flight of the Navigator , eighties cheesy movie fame. He is out of jail (20 years for murder) and starting a new life in rural Canada but i won’t link to any more information as he doesn’t want to be famous or followed.
The brat sister from Home Alone.
Goldie Hawn the Hollywood starlet. She has aged in reality by 13 years between when these photos were taken but in Hollywood Years that’s clearly 50 years. Cocaine – just say no.
Erik Per Sullivan from Malcolm In The Middle fame, after a long period of no news or updates, he eventually put his head above the parapet and it appears he has morphed into a gender-neutral SJW.

So what do you think? Celebrities certainly do age like the rest of us, and these examples are the worst.

OMG! My tyre burst!

So there I was driving home last night and suddenly the car started making a funny noise. I don’t know if JD fixed the previous problem with the rattling but it sounded EXACTLY like that.

I was somewhere lost, all alone and of course it was dark. I am not a country gurl! The sheep were making odd noises, I decided to try to light up the darkness with my phone and weighed up walking home, somehow. But then I realised that the phone battery would quickly die – and I might ACTUALLY die out here. I am a city girl and this troublesome episode reminded me why I don’t like the country, it’s full of nothing!

Now for anyone arriving at Google or elsewhere wondering what to do when lost in the UK countryisde there are several steps you can take before you go in your car to somewhere rural and scary which will help ensure your safety if you do get lost:

  • Make sure you tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. This means if you do not arrive when expected the person can raise the alarm that you might be lost.
  • Learn a bit about your route and what to expect on it i.e. landmarks and also what dangers there are.
  • Have a map and compass and know how to use them.
  • Take an emergency kit just in case you get lost.
  • Check the weather forecast and when sunset is.
  • Make sure you have a fully charged phone with emergency contact numbers in it i.e. mountain rescue.
  • Do not go out alone if you are hopeless like me!!!

In the end I decided to call the AA and conserve my battery. I have used them before and they said that they can give me a temporary runflat tyre but it didn’t help me as I was stuck!

So they rescued me and the kind man said that their prices are expensive for proper tyres so we decided to use Asda tyres. They are okay, and the cheapest tyres I found when using this moneysupermarket-style comparison site.

Staying the night OUTSIDE? Scary!!!!

  • Find a sheltered spot that will keep you from the rain and wind before it gets too dark
  • You will likely need to put on extra layers to avoid hypothermia setting in.
  • Do not sleep beside a river as the noise might mean you cannot hear a rescuer.
  • Start a small controlled fire. This will give you some warmth but also the smoke is a good way to signal for help.
  • Create a HELP or SOS sign with rocks in a clearing. This will make you more visible from the air.
  • Hang any colourful items of kit from tree branches around you. This will make it easier for a rescuer to find you.