Why are coupon websites so rubbish?!

I just wanted to rant, really. I have tried Honey before anyone asks, but that never works for me either. I can’t seem to find any decent discount codes, because they are always expired or not ever active. It’s hard to know what the truth of the matter is.

I was looking for discounts for my new Emma mattress just now. I tried Honey but it seemed to think I was in Germany, and didn’t work properly. I tried turning to Google, with the usual culprits like Daily Mail Discount Codes with literally just junk offers. It isn’t even run by the Daily Mail, it’s just a third-party service using their name.

And then I tried another website called Mattresscodes. They claim to only show coupons for websites about mattresses. Did it work? Yes. But this involved going down to the second page of Google and nobody ever goes there. In fact studies show that less than 5% of users go to the 2nd page in Google results now. It is supposedly the best place online to bury a dead body.

Author: Madison Sloane

I am a blogger first and a mummy second. Only joking!