Straight hair tips

Right, so it’s only fair that after writing about how to have curly hair, I write the opposite for those of us who really REALLY want straight hair – but don’t know where to start!

  1. Use a mild shampoo. Proper shampooing is important to maintain healthy, happy straight hair. Wash hair with a really mild shampoo that doesn’t have sodium laureth sulphate–which dries out hair and makes it brittle.
  2. Beware of tangles. A good conditioner such as Pantene in the UK will also help keep your straight hair healthy and will make it easier to untangle after shampooing. 
Keep a wide-toothed comb in the shower and comb through your hair before you rinse the conditioner out.
  3. Find the Right Conditioner. If you have dry hair you will need to use a moisturising conditioner. However, if you have oily hair you should use a basic conditioner on your ends only, to help prevent over conditioning which will leave straight hair limp and reduce its shine.


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Author: Madison Sloane

I am a blogger first and a mummy second. Only joking!