Do I make money from blogging?


The answer is YES. I get asked this more than any other question by my lovely commenters, to let me share some secrets on how I started and how much I am making now.

Starting from the beginning, what is a BLOG? Well, a blog is a little site that spotlights on a theme of intrigue (or specialty), and is composed in the primary individual by the proprietor. There are some magnificent websites in Australia – and some of them profit each year utilizing up to fifty individuals. A dominant part of web journals however are only one individual, expounding on what they are energetic about, and sharing it for the entire world to see.

Blogging is an extraordinary outlet for many individuals. All things considered, on the off chance that you are energetic about an especially theme, and love to expound on it – a blog is an ideal method to impart that energy to other individuals. There are actually writes on each theme you could consider! So on the off chance that you are considering beginning a blog, as a matter of first importance, record what you want to peruse about. What do you look for on the Internet all the time? In the event that you want to peruse it and discuss it, ensured, there will be others like you that will need to peruse your sentiment, and have your perused theirs!

Now, to begin your own particular Blogging livelihood, is somewhat confused on the off chance that you aren’t exceptionally educated in English…! You need to require some investment taking in the route, however in the long run you will find that part simple once it goes live. I propose beginning first with posting surveys routinely and pick up a crowd of people since it opens entryways of chances for you to draw in customers.

Too hard…!? It does require time, and lots of it. But it might be a better idea to try something less intense, if you don’t have time. I know that I am so busy — there just aren’t enough hours in the day, like, if I’m not spending 3-4 hours a day on Facebook then I’m probably binge-watching poorly-acted boxsets in the evening for 1-2 hours at least. There just isn’t enough time for anything else! I am just so busy it’s crazy, modern life eh! So here are my quick top 3 other tips.

  1. Do Product Reviews
    Most buyers would read about other people´s experience of using a gadget, clothing & apparel or any products before they decide a purchase. One of the best examples is Tomoson (Who?!) that offers product review services. After registering you as a member contributor, you will be directed to the products category page where you can choose a product that you would like to review. Once approved by the website, they will mail the product for you to use. Then you will write your experience, even a constructive criticism about the product.
  2. Sell your old iPhone!
    We all must have the latest iPhone so we can flash it around and make the girlies jealous.  There’s a brand new iPhone X out now as of 2018, which has a slightly larger screen than the previous model  and a slightly improved CPU. A must buy for only £1200! If you’re a spendthrift like me then you need to trade in your old mobile to make some cash to put towards the new one.  Try the Carphone Warehouse trade-in or even better compare the prices from various websites that buy old iPhones.
  3.  Write an eBook and flog it!
    It’s not exactly rocket science!  Old media like newspapers and magazines are  slowly fading; it has all turned digital since the day Tablets were invented. Most authors are not sure about selling E-books because they are not sure how to self-publish. There are only 5 important factors when you sell E-book. I am afraid I will have to write about them in another post as I have to go shopping now as it’s a Saturday and there’s nothing better than some retail therapy on the credit card!!!  xSo on to how much am I making. Well that would be telling, but to give you an idea it’s about £30 a month.  Enough to pay for my vets bill from my darling pooch.


Author: Madison Sloane

I am a blogger first and a mummy second. Only joking!